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Welcome to the Bridges Fitness Family!
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Bridges Fitness is a system of energizing, full-body group workouts, led by motivating coaches, designed to give you the most effective workout possible in just 60 minutes.



Bridges Fitness is designed by experts for a wide variety of fitness levels and abilities.  Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or just beginning your path to fitness, Bridges Fitness will quickly move you toward your goals.  Essentially, Bridges Fitness is Group Personal Training where you set your own pace.  Your workout is a highly personalized experience, guaranteed to produce results.  

When life gets busy, Bridges Fitness will keep you on your path to sustained fitness on every level, making sure you’re getting what you came here for.



Bridges Fitness workouts are different.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Variety keeps the mind engaged.  At Bridges Fitness you’ll never get bored because our team of experts spend hundreds of hours every month creating and testing new workouts.  We’ve taken the best of some of the world’s most popular fitness disciplines, including running, power walking and cycling for cardio training; body-weight exercises, resistance bands, and weight lifting for strength training; and yoga for flexibility and mindfulness.



At Bridges Fitness, we pay special attention to the mind/body connection, ending each session with a brief but focused period of quiet in order to cool down the muscles and calm the heart.  We often say this is the most important part of the workout.  This is where we take the time to relax into the energy we just exerted and really feel the invigorating benefits of the workout.

Bridges Fitness takes the guesswork out of your exercise routine.  We take care of the planning, and your body and mind take care of the results.  All you have to do is show up.

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